Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

A cloud storage or an online backup system is an approach to protect one's data from data loss, accidental deletion of data, theft or disaster. You might lose your data without any warning and once gone will be gone forever. Many dangerous malware and data locking ransomware like WannaCry and NotPetya are on the rise and causing many problems to general public and large industries that have tons of important data related to their business. So, it is highly recommended to save all your data in an online locker for good. Our cloud storage backup provides you with a very secure, reliable and convenient data vault that will protect your data no matter what at a cost worth your hard work. You have the advantage to hassle-free download and recover your sensitive data with just few click, you can even turn the automatic back up on so that whatever new data you produce will automatically be backed up on our servers ensuring the safety of your data and business. We also provide the best technical support team that will help you in backing up and restoring the data you want and is available for you 24/7. If your data storage is filling up we provide the flexibility to increase the storage at any point in time.


What is Cloud Backup?

A cloud storage backup ensures the safety of data in any situation either a natural disaster, data loss, malware attack or any such vulnerability that may lead to the loss of your precious data. Creating a cloud backup online makes you free from any worries of losing your data that might be related to your business, personal life or any other thing. With Ctrl A Hosting, your data will be safe and sound from any threat or disaster. If ever you lose your data due to any unknown reasons then you can easily recover it from our cloud servers with just a few click of your mouse and keep your work continue in every situation.


Cloud Backup Features

Universal Access

No matter whatever device you are using, which operating system your device is running and whichever corner of the world you're at, your data will always be with you anytime, on any device and at any place. Storing your data in the cloud ensures your savings on many external storages devices and also keeps you worry less from any kind of data loss.

Fully Automatic

Many large companies generate a lot of data every day and backing up of all those data is not possible manually, so in order to tackle that scenario, we feature automatic data backup timely. You can turn on the automatic data backup and our servers will automatically sync any new data that has been produced. Timely backup ensures that all your data is with us and you can get what you need at any point in time.

Cost Effective

Cloud Backup also saves you a lot by eliminating the cost that is used to purchase external hard drives or other storage devices and also save your time in manually backing up tons of data to these devices. You also don't need any additional servers that are quite costly and takes too much maintenance along with extra IT professionals to take care of it. With cloud storage, you can get infinite storage space and don't have the hassle to maintain anything on your own and all that too at a very affordable price.

Easy Setup

Backing up your data is guided by professional Linux World Hosting cloud engineers to ensure hassle-free and easy backing up of your data. All the data will be saved on our managed robust fracture and our cloud management team will make sure that you get the best-required help whenever you want. Also, managing the data from your side is an easy and hassle-free process that does not require any expertize in IT.

Our Cloud Server Offerings

Support Everywhere and Anytime.

Our highly qualified and experienced team have the confidence to solve all your server related issues with minimum time. We understand the importance of the up time. We have efficient server monitoring system which will notify us regarding any service malfunctions and our technicians will correct the issue as soon as possible.

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