Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Experience a whole new world of cloud computing with Ctrl A Hosting.

Various key facets of cloud hosting


Public Cloud

With our cloud hosting services, you pay what you use. It is the latest form of hosting and has become extensively popular due to its reliability, cost-effectiveness, scalability and better security. With our cloud hosting, we can assure you very minimal or no downtime. You can easily manage peak loads without fronting any issues related to the bandwidth. We have a cluster of many servers functioning together in order to meet your needs, making your business reliable and profitable with time.



It is perfectly suited for business with greater bandwidths by providing the ability to scale up or down the cloud storage capacity with ease. Not only this it's agility makes your business a step ahead of your competitors.


Robust Disaster Recovery

Anything can go wrong, anytime. With the cloud hosting solutions, you get effective cloud recovery facilities that will ensure your data is safe and sound in case of any calamities. We also ensure that in any such mishap there will be minimal to no downtime.



Don't pay for what are you not using. With our cost-effective pay as you use scheme, we ensure that your hard earned money does not get wasted. You have the ability to pay for only the space that is currently used by you or your business. It also severs the pretty high hardware costs.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting.

  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Secure.
  • Customizable

Cloud Server Infrastructure

A Cloud Server is comprised of an infrastructure that hosts many servers ofter termed as (IaaS). It is a powerful platform that provides the user to perform various tasks from data processing to storing the information. Basically, there are two types of Cloud servers viz. Virtual and Physical. When the services are distributed among several users virtually by the use of a single server then it is termed as Virtualization or shared networks, on the other hand, if an organization owns a complete server without sharing or distributing it with other users or organizations then it is termed as Physical or Dedicated Cloud Storage. Cloud Server enables the user to maintain, manage and backup the data remotely on a server that might be located in some other part of the world. It provides the user with the flexibility to save his or her data on the cloud and at the same time can access it from anywhere and anytime. It works through the virtualization of data centers in order to provide the users with a virtual storage framework that is malleable depending upon the user's requirements. Cloud Server is usually operated via a web established API that syncs with the client's personal storage in order to perform I/O and R/W operations. It's very beneficial in case of damage to the original file. Our Cloud Servers are fully protected with encryption and provide the user with multi-platform access to their uploaded data. Your data is always accessible as long as you have a working internet connection.

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