Cloud Load Balancers

Cloud Load Balancers

A large number of traffic can be cheering, at the same time can crash your website which may lead to a huge loss for your company. In order to avoid such loss, use our cloud load balancer that will ensure your website up and running even at the peak times.


What is Cloud Load Balancer?

In order to tackle the high traffic online, cloud load balancers come in handy. If you own a large website that draws a large number of traffic each minute, then you must consider the cloud load balancer for your website's server. It manages the traffic by distributing them across resources in a suitable environment. Cloud Load balancers usually distribute the load among various servers, machines or networks making it easy to cope up with the higher traffic. It allows large companies to easily manage traffic and boost their performance at a very low cost. Cloud Load Balancers work on the principle of scalability and agility in order to provide the best user experience and meet the needs of the company by efficiently managing their traffic. It also provides the user with a distinct IP address that will remain active as far as the load balancer is active. We provide the best cloud load balance for you to manage the traffic easily by distributing the loads among multiple servers for better balancing.


Cloud Load Balancers Features

Amplified Scalability

99.99% Uptime Guranteed

Ease of Use


Our Cloud Server Offerings


In case of any requirement for maintenance, the cloud balancers automatically divert the traffic from one server to other environment make it very reliable for the management of traffic without any physical efforts. Our load balancers support a number of different protocols that make it reliable and performance oriented. These protocols include HTTP/HTTPS, LDAP/LDAPS, POP/POP3S, MySQL and much more.

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