Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Analyse, monitor and get the full performance report of your website, servers, and applications with our Cloud Monitoring Solution.


What is Cloud Monitoring?

As the use of cloud storage and the backup has increased, it becomes crucial to monitor the performance of the websites, servers or applications and take necessary measures in order to improve them. Thus, today the cloud monitoring tool is an essential tool for multiple cloud services. The cloud monitoring is done with the help of various tools that are specially designed to analyze and provide you with the performance report. It is very helpful in discovering the issues and possible vulnerabilities and makes you aware of the same. Cloud monitoring makes you improve the security of your applications, websites or servers from dangerous attacks that can happen any second. Apart from that they also help you figure out errors that might be small but affect the overall experience of your website, servers or applications. With all the monitoring data, you can act accordingly and improve the data that will, in turn, improve the user experience for those who are relying on your application and services. Installation of the cloud monitoring tool is fast and easy as everything has been configured earlier and made it fit the needs of our customers. Many monitoring tools can be accessed universally on any device running on any operating system from any location.


Cloud Monitoring Features

Enhanced Performance

The cloud monitoring tools provide a huge boost to the performance of your resources. Our cloud monitoring tool monitors your performance related issue in real time and reports any errors that might be causing performance drops. It process and makes various calculations of several metrics and can also warn the user about any vulnerability with an alert system such as an alarm. Making your resource perfectly enhanced helps in providing an excellent uptime.

Improves Security

With the growing internet users worldwide gives an opportunity to hackers and other malware make their way to you sensitive backend data that might cause a huge loss to you and your company. Thus, in order to avoid any such circumstances, the cloud monitoring software tells you about the possible security threats and other weak links that might be dangerous if not addressed. Saving your time and data it makes it easier for you to figure out any such vulnerability and keeps your resources secure.

Easy to setup and Configure

Our cloud monitoring system is pre-configured for the best monitoring setup. Installation is quick and simple guided by our expert IT engineers. It can easily be installed within a matter of minutes and makes you continue with your work without any delay.


Cloud monitoring systems can provide you with the detailed information about the insides of your server. It makes you take quick action related to any errors that may arise if not addressed with proper measures. It ensures your business continuity and helps you with the disaster recovery scenario with its analytics report of all your data stored on the servers.

Our Cloud Server Offerings

Cost Effective Model

Ctrl A Hosting provides a subscription-based monitoring system that is cost effective in nature and provides the user with the freedom to monitor the systems that they want and for a desirable time period, keeping the cost low and easy on the pocket. You don't have to maintain or update anything, everything is done automatically by our expert team and the monitoring report will be displayed to you automatically in real time on any device you want.

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