Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage enables the user to maintain, manage and backup the data remotely on a server that might be located in some other part of the world. It provides the user with the flexibility to save his or her data on the cloud and at the same time can access it from anywhere and anytime. It works through the virtualization of data centers in order to provide the users with a virtual storage framework that is malleable depending upon the user's requirements. Cloud storage is usually operated via a web established API that syncs with the client's personal storage in order to perform I/O and R/W operations. It's very beneficial in case of damage to the original file. Our cloud storage is fully protected with encryption and provides the user with multi-platform access to their uploaded data. Your data is always accessible as long as you have a working internet connection.


Cloud Storage.

A cloud storage backup ensures the safety of data in any situation either a natural disaster, data loss, malware attack or any such vulnerability that may lead to the loss of your precious data. Creating a cloud backup online makes you free from any worries of losing your data that might be related to your business, personal life or any other thing. With Ctrl A Hosting, your data will be safe and sound from any threat or disaster. If ever you lose your data due to any unknown reasons then you can easily recover it from our cloud servers with just a few click of your mouse and keep your work continue in every situation.


Various Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • High Security
  • Faster Data Accessibility.
  • Easy to Use

Various key skins of a Cloud Storage


Secure and easy to recover

Storing your most important files safely either related to yourself or to your business is a most important measure that is to be taken with utmost care. If you somehow lost your data then it might be a huge set back in your business, so in order to keep the thing from going the wrong way, it is highly recommended to store them in a secure place so that during any catastrophe you can easily get all your important files back to you. Cloud storing your data is considered as one of the safest ways of storing your data as it offers you an enterprise-grade security for your files. Data is encrypted to restrict any unauthorized access to your files.


Cost Effective

Opting for a cloud storage saves you a lot by eliminating the cost that is used to purchase external hard drives or other storage devices and also save your time in manually backing up tons of data to these devices. You also don't need any additional servers that are quite costly and takes too much maintenance along with extra IT professionals to take care of it. With cloud storage, you can get infinite storage space and don't have the hassle to maintain anything on your own and all that too at a very affordable price.

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Affability and Synchroneity

loud storage gives you the freedom of getting your important files where ever you need them. You don't need to transfer files back and forth to devices before going to some other location. You can easily get all your files in one place and on any device like tablets, smartphones, PC, laptop or any other device that has an internet connection.


Associative Tools

In order to avoid the hassles related to sending tons of files manually either by emails or any other method, requires a lot of time and effort. Transferring files back and forth can be a tiresome process. But, if you have stored all your files in a cloud storage then you don't need to do anything. You can simply grant access to who so ever you wish to send files, after granting them access for a particular file they will be able to access those files sitting anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and few mouse clicks. This will boost your company's productivity and save a lot of time and let you focus on other important things.

Cloud Backup

Our highly qualified and experienced team have the confidence to solve all your server related issues with minimum time. We understand the importance of the up time. We have efficient server monitoring system which will notify us regarding any service malfunctions and our technicians will correct the issue as soon as possible.

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