Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of the private and public cloud. It consists of a minimum of one Private cloud server and a public cloud server for better productivity. With hybrid cloud hosting, you can keep all your mission-oriented resources and private information on the private servers keeping them safe under firewalls and away from any third party access. You can reduce the storage costs with hybrid cloud hosting and has the ability to the extent public servers accession up or down according to your needs. This will save your money as you will only have to pay for what you are using and not a single extra penny will be spent on unused storages. Run the workloads where they are best suited and create your own ideal environment with the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Dedicated Server

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting.

Highly scalable and secured hosting solution to improve business productivity.

Various Advantages of Public Cloud Hosting

  • Best of Shared and Private clouds combined together
  • Manifold Cloud scalability
  • Manifold Cloud scalability
  • Maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Creation of an ideal environment
  • Business persistency
  • Ample Innovative Scope
  • Fail proof Risk management system
  • Improved Connectivity
  • Incremental Virtual Hardware refreshes
  • Real-time performance information report
  • Same VLAN for both physical and virtual resources
  • Swift migration from shared to private and vice versa
  • Easy on-demand scalability
  • Automatic transfer from public to private cloud as per needs

Various key skins of a Hybrid cloud


Expedient for the purpose

Many companies need an efficient and flexible environment, but many factors like security, conformity, and endowed tools prevent them to host their business on a public cloud, multi dweller environment. Nevertheless, with the flexibility of the hybrid cloud, you can easily store all your companies most sensitive data on the consecrated environment and at the same time benefit from the cost-effective and scalable features of the shared cloud as well.


Improved Security Proficiency

With the combination of public and private clouds, you can superscribe many security issues. With the hybrid clouds, the companies can store all their sensitive and private data on the more secure private cloud along with putting their foremost data on the shared clouds. This gives the capability to manage all crucial business-related data and transactions within the confines of one fast and secure environment.

Business Continuity

It gives the convenience of moving your business to a cloud-ready environment within the public and the private cloud without waiting for the components to be updated. This will indirectly save your precious time and make your business quickly take the advantage of the best cloud technology available at that time. In case of any disaster or failure, the data will be accessible with very minimal or no downtime.

Saves you a lot

Researchers say that moving to a hybrid cloud hosting will save an average of 16% cost in overall expenditure of your business IT budget. With a hybrid cloud, companies enjoy reduced costs, pro level security features and total control of their capital.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud.

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Private cloud computing ensures isolation.
  • Cloud computing can help with cost efficiency.
  • Cloud computing ensures a low barrier to entry
  • Cloud computing can introduce new functionality quickly.
  • Cloud computing can enable high availability and resiliency.
  • Internal, private cloud computing can help maximize asset utilization.

SMore Innovation Scope

The technology nowadays is emerging at a fast pace and in order to move with these newest technologies, the hybrid cloud makes your business take advantage of newfangled tools. This means your business won't stop whatever be the circumstances are, you will see the benefits as soon as they arrive.

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