Server Migration

Server Migration

Painless server migrations by our expert technical team to migrate your Database, Applications, e-mail servers to a better environment.


How is cloud strategy embarking global enterprises?

Moving from one service provider to another one can be due to a number of reasons be it lesser cost, better features, better support or all of these. Migrating your server can be a pain in the neck for many and similar to changing your house. You have to move everything your files, your emails and all the other stuff that you are hosting on the old server. You also have to take care of what should you take and what should you leave, what's important and what garbage. There's a lot of questions that you have to answer yourself and take a lot of decisions that can be tiring. Thus, for your rescue Ctrl A Hosting has a team of expert specially trained for this job. We offer you help with the migration of Servers, Applications, Database, Email and other reliable Managed Services that might be important for you.


What do we migrate?

Easy Setup

Our highly professional team of experts will make it a lot easier for you to migrate you from your old server to a newer one in just a few clicks. You can even migrate your resources to our servers for a more better experience.


We will move it and you won't even know. Our migration service is best in class that provides the migration of all your important resources faster while minimizing the network bandwidth.

Minimum Downtime

While moving your server from old place to a new one, we take care of that your business does not bear any losses while the migration is going on. That's why our expert team makes the migration possible as fast as possible minimizing the downtime.


Moving your server has never been easier, you pick the right time and we will perform our work before the given deadline or even faster. Our team of expert is well versed in the migration and assure you a flawless migration experience.

Reliable Managed Services

This will efficiently build as well as endure a robust business model for you

Internationally Acclaimed

The global Managed Security built to scale is tweaked to deliver bespoke enterprise needs exclusively for your enterprise

Support Everywhere and Anytime.

Our highly qualified and experienced team have the confidence to solve all your server related issues with minimum time. We understand the importance of the up time. We have efficient server monitoring system which will notify us regarding any service malfunctions and our technicians will correct the issue as soon as possible.

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